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PRINCE2 2009 - Organization part 15

The PRINCE2® approach

Working with the project team

Part-time teams

Project teams are brought together for the duration of a project and then return to their routine work.
The manager of a small project is therefore likely to find that team members are working on the project on a part-time basis.

Part-time team members suffer more absences and diversions, as a percentage of their working time, than full-time team members.
The Project Manager should allow for this when designing a plan – either by negotiating guaranteed availability or greater tolerance.

If individuals are tasked with working on too many projects, they will simply stand still on all of the projects, expending a lot of effort but making no forward progress.
Solutions include undertaking fewer projects in parallel or, where possible, allocating staff full time to projects for limited periods.

Further details of project management team roles and their associated responsibilities are provided in the folder ‘roles and responsibilities’ as part of the product package. These include role description outlines, which should be tailored to the needs of the specific project and each specific appointment.

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