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Time management - General


Having looked at some of the more general aspects of ‘what is time management’ we can now focus on its bedrock principles.


Time Management is really a key part of a greater aim. As human beings we all have certain aspirations in life. Some people think about them a lot and plan their approach whilst for others they may be merely Wishful thinking or dreams.

Where we would like to be in the future and what we would like to achieve we could term our GOALS.

These come under other guises as aspirations, objectives, targets and aims. The more far fetched and less practical, for example, setting foot on the moon, are mere dreams for most.

Many people do not take these aspirations seriously and as such they remain in the realm of ‘wishful thinking’.

However, for those people that master Time Management many of these goals stand a very good chance of being realised. Once you are familiar with the techniques a routine of implementing the ‘process’ will give you the best chance of success.

Strategy and tactics

A dictionary definition is.

Strategy: The art or science of the planning and conduct of a war. The mode of executing tactics.
Tactics: The art and science of the detailed direction and control of movement or manoeuvre to achieve an aim or task.

The strategy represents where you wan to go or ‘your GOAL’. The tactics used reflect which techniques you will use to reach your goals.

The process is how you put it into practice.

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