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Time management - Large reports

Large reports


Here are a few tips in dealing with large reports that come your way.
If you are in the position of writing a report you need to use some simple techniques so that you are not accused of producing a heavy report which is probably not necessary.

This aspect is covered in more detail elsewhere [see ‘The Complete Project Management package’] and [see 'The Complete Project Management plus PRINCE2'].

Large reports full of unimportant information amongst the gems can take up a lot of your time.
You will need to use a few techniques to get the best from the time you have.


Reports should have a summary of the main points. You can then look into the body of the report for any supporting detail as necessary.
If possible have the report sent back and returned with a concise summary. If this isn’t easy to do talk to the author face to face and Ask him to tell you the key points and issues.
Can you delegate the reading of the report with a view to producing a summary?

Gap filler

Read the report when you can as a gap filler.
Use a highlighter pen to mark key parts. This will help you focus and makes re-reading easier.

Non - PRINCE2 information