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Other jobs

Poor delegation

If you suffer from the syndrome of thinking, ‘If you want a job doing right do it yourself’ or ‘I can do it better myself’ then you will soon be inundated with work. On top of this, people will quickly get to know that you want to do jobs yourself, that you don’t trust others and motivation drops rapidly.

You are not indispensable. If you were not around others would have to cope. By doing this you stop others gaining experience and training which will serve to motivate and empower them. Learn to delegate better.


This is one of the key aspects of ending up doing the work of others. If staff are not capable of doing particular task train them accordingly.

Job role

Your job description or that of others may need clarification so that you can focus on your jobs alone.


If you suspect that someone is trying to push work your way just to save time on their part you may need to chat to them personally or their boss.
The first option though is to improve your ability to say ‘no’.

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