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100% perfection

It’s not possible to do every job to an extremely high quality standard. If you try this you will be wasting your time on many tasks.
This comes down to the definition of a task as either ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ (this is covered elsewhere, see ‘urgent v important’).

Urgent tasks are deadline based. This is usually independent of yourself and is often driven by others. The sooner the task needs completion the more urgent it is. This has no relation to importance. It is a simple matter to rank any jobs that you have in terms of their deadlines.

The importance of a job drives how much ‘time’ you want to spend on it. Notice that this is independent of ‘urgency’ and is what you want to do not what you actually spend on it.


If you have ranked your jobs correctly it will only be some of the ‘important’ jobs that will warrant a lot of time spent on them. The ranking will be based not only on the ‘time spent on them’ factor but what is actually required. If this is defined well your will know just how much time you must spend on it. Clearly, even within the jobs being ranked as important there will be a range of needs. make sure you produce the quality that is required and no more.

This is discussed in detail elsewhere, see ‘urgent v important’.

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