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Time management - Resource issues

Resource issues


Lack of resource of resource can have serious consequences for the management of your time.

  • Jobs will generally take longer.
  • They may not get started at all.
  • The output may be reduced with a lower specification.
  • The quality of the output may be lower etc.


You have a choice of accepting the lack of resource or not.

If you do not have the resource you will have to assess the impact on the task in hand. If this grossly affects the level of performance, results in delays Etc then you should inform the person who requires this output. The ‘urgency’ or ‘importance’ of the task may have changed which may, for example, allow you To do the task later when resource is available. Alternatively, the person may insist on a particular standard and deadline which supports any request for the Additional resource.

If you challenge the availability of resource you will need to justify the request. When asking for additional resource:

  • Be specific of the quantity of resource.
  • Clarify the time period.
  • Decide on additional input needed. For example, any time lag while you train them and get them up to speed.
  • Will they be permanent or temporary?
  • Spell out the benefits, particularly in financial terms.

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