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Time management - Staff issues

Staff issues


Clearly, if all of your staff (and yourself) are now highly efficient in terms of their Time Management practices and you still have too much work then you have a resource issue.

  • Are you still accepting tasks that you shouldn’t be?
  • Can you get temporary help to cover a critical period either from within or externally by hiring?
  • Do you need to take on more staff?
  • Can you outsource the work?
  • Is the work being held up because of poor skill sets?

Human resource and recruitment are covered in much more detail elsewhere [see ‘The Complete Project Management package’] and [see 'The Complete Project Management plus PRINCE2'].

Skill set

If you have identified that your staff have gaps in their skills then you will have to train them.
This assumes that the correct persons have been recruited and that they do not lack basic skills and qualifications to do the job in the first place. This would be a more serious situation.

  • Improve their Time Management skills.
  • Identify other training requirements and implement a plan. You will want to coordinate this with the personnel department.

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