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Time management - Checklists


Task list or reminders

If you just generate a list for all the tasks you have to do it is not really practical and no substitute for a proper processing and filing system.

There is little point in having a list of tasks running to 100 plus with no idea of urgency or how easily you could tackle them.

Check lists can be very useful but you should be aware of one or two pitfalls.

Can be considered as exhaustive with the danger of becoming complacent.
Give no idea of urgency or ease of completion. See elsewhere, ‘urgent v important’.
Common themes between tasks can be overlooked.
If its not on the list it is likely to be ignored.
Necessary detail may be lacking

Any checklist used should be considered as an initial help to a more formal procedure.
They are best used as reminders for daily or weekly routines until they are fixed in your mind.

You should be trying to generate a list that is not so long that it becomes difficult to manage or starts to include trivial items.

These sort of check lists can be generated from ‘brain storm’ activities.

If you maintain any sort of list make sure it is current. Date it and cross out completed items.
Every so often, destroy the old list and move any unfinished items to a new list. If the list contains ideas make sure there is a degree of realism and remove those that are too hopeful.

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