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Time management - Irritating tasks

Irritating tasks


Let’s face it there will be plenty of tasks that you just will not want to tackle.
The trick is to try an come up with one or two tactics that will motivate you to get them completed.


  • Consider what you will be getting out of it when the task is done.
  • Similarly, consider the possible negative affects if you don’t complete it.

Get started

There are usually many excuses for not starting a task. It’s this inertia that must often be overcome.
Once you start momentum will take over.


If the environment is right you are more likely to enjoy the work. Your work area should be well lit with any files and other equipment easily available.
It should be free from distractions. You may wish to listen to music, for example.

Putting them off

It is not usually considered good to put things off. However, it can have its benefits.
Sometimes it is good to have a break and come back to the issue. You will often see the problem or impasse in a different light and kick start a new train of thought.
At other times, you could be too hasty in trying to complete the task and not see some of the issues involved.
In these circumstances it is often a good idea to dwell a little on the problem.
You may wish to delay a particular part of a task until it is easy to fit in elsewhere, for example during travelling, or until your energy reserves are better suited.

You might wish to delay until someone who can help is available.

Many people like change and the buzz of completing tasks against imminent deadlines. This is OK provided you don’t overdo it.

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