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Time management - Convergent thinking

Convergent thinking


The trait of an individual can be ‘divergent’ or ‘convergent’ thinking.
Here we discuss Convergent thinkers, for Divergent thinkers see 'divergent thinking'.
These characteristics have close relationships with ‘monochronic’ and ‘polychronic’ personalities, see 'monochronic time' and 'polychronic time'.

Take the narrow view

Convergent thinkers like to zoom in and narrow the focus. They want to dissect the facts and make decisions.

In general, convergent thinkers are traditionally ‘to the fore’ in business. Traditional Time Management training is aimed at convergent thinkers.


They tend to take a more methodical approach keeping to a preconceived plan.

Free space

The convergent thinker likes to get on with tasks and carry on until they are finished.
They may find it hard to interrupt what they are doing by finding time to relax and think.

Allowing the mind to wander and ‘browse’ seems to encourage more intuitive thought. This was seen in the example of Archimedes and Kekule referred to previously.

The divergent thinker may be happy to browse a magazine or book as a way of assessing relevance before focussing on a particular area.
This would be seen as an efficient use of time compared to the convergent thinker who may approach a book or magazine via the index and read articles in and orderly manner.

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