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Time management - Stress sources

Stress sources

stress sources


The sources of stress are either ‘controllable’ or ‘not controllable’, further they are derived from ‘external’ sources or ‘internal’.

By their very nature ‘controllable’ sources can be reduced if you feel these are getting too much for you.
Those derived ‘internally’ can be reduced by improving your Time Management techniques.

Some stresses are generated purely due to your personality. Whilst you may be able to modify this for short periods it will always rise to the surface. However, if you can recognise your personality driver you may be able to modify your actions at times to help you.

Typical sources may be:

Box 1

Taking on too many tasks that could also be high stress and high risk.

Box 2

Accidents, family ill health and death, money issues and accidents. Work problems.

Box 3

Poor personal management, ‘can’t say no’, poor desktop management, no planning. Basically, poor Time Management techniques.

Box 4

Your personality driver promoting negative thoughts and actions.

Typical ‘controllable’ sources of stress might be:

  • Doing too much and all apparently poorly.
  • Any task where you feel you should have said, ‘No’.
  • Multitasking and interruptions.
  • Deadlines approaching creating panic.

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