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Time management - Stress problems

Stress problems

One of the benefits of Time Management is to allow you to concentrate on the tasks that need to be completed and to get them finished on time. This will reduce anxiety in your job and personal life and help in minimising stress.

Not enough time to complete tasks

When time is poorly managed there is never enough time to carry out necessary tasks.
The person who has little self discipline will never be able to recognise the need for change.
That person will always be taking on more work, not able to turn down inappropriate tasks and working extra hours to try to catch up.

Leading to tension

It is inevitable that tension will build. This can adversely affect the individual and others in the workplace.
This can easily transfer to home life and the family.

Tempers being lost

Quite often raised tension leads to a loss of temper usually against those least deserving of it.
This creates an atmosphere that will be self defeating.

Stress escalates

All of these pressures can lead to stress, not only for the individual but for others, particularly for family members.
Poor Time Management is not the only inducer of stress.

Coping techniques

Whilst there are techniques you can try to alleviate the stress and its effects it is clearly better to avoid the stress in the first place.

Legal redress

Unfortunately, stress can lead to many serious medical conditions and ruin the lives of individuals and families.
Many individuals are now seeking redress through the courts. Apart from these costs to a company they will undermine staff morale and risk losing valuable experienced members. It pays to keep the workplace stress free.

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