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Time management - General aspects

General aspects


We have a whole host of differing types of information coming across our desks or arriving in our private lives.
Each of which must be dealt with in some fashion. It is good to recognise that we can only manage the actions derived from the dissemination of all this information.

Actions will be at the heart of any Time Management activity.
It is not enough to see the door you have to go through it.

You have to execute a plan not just compile it.

Mind free to think

In general we tend to fill our minds with a list of things that we want to do.
By definition, if we are thinking about an item it is very likely to be unresolved.
Once the task is ‘completed’ then we can forget about it.

The aim is to try to un-complicate your mind by allowing it to concentrate on the matter in hand and so complete that.
Different people have varying capacities to juggle things in their head. We might all be able to multiply 9 x 8 or even 12 x14 but not many can juggle more complex tasks 234 x 543.

3D thinking

When you assess your own situation you will generate a list of all of the topics that you are involved with.
This will be a list of ‘projects’.
In this sense a ‘project’ is any task that has more that 1 step.
Within this list each ‘project’ needs to be managed (strictly speaking the actions required to complete it.
The breadth of projects that you are involved with is sometimes referred to as ‘horizontal’ activity and the depth as ‘vertical’.

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