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PRINCE2 - Introduction to processes

Management levels

PRINCE2® recognises 4 management levels.

  • Corporate or programme management

This is the highest level. This is not part of project management as such. It will often set the business context for one or more projects.
If a project is part of a programme the programme will need to be kept informed if certain problems arise and may need to approve particularchanges. This level will constitute the key decision making and direction setting for the project.

  • Directing a Project

This is the highest level within the project. This is the work of the Project Board.

  • Controlling a Stage

This is the day-to-day management of the project and is handled by the Project Manager.

  • Managing Product Delivery

This is the lowest level and is handled by the Team Manager.

In this system the higher levels exercise control over the lower levels.
For example, the ‘Controlling a Stage’ will provide the Work Packages that define work for ‘Managing Product Delivery’.

In addition, the lower management levels will provide output that the higher levels can use to control the project.
This could be essential planning and control information, for example, a Checkpoint Report, or and End Stage Report etc.

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