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PRINCE2 - Controlling a Stage (CS) part 10

Receiving Completed Work Package (CS9)

Fundamental principles

Where work has been allocated to individuals or teams, these should be a matching confirmation that the work has been completed.


This sub-process records the successful completion and return of Work Packages from Delivering a Work Package (MP3).
This information is then passed to Assessing Progress (CS2).

Process description

Confirmation is sought that the Work Package has been completed satisfactorily.

This includes checking that:

  • The recipient of the products has accepted them
  • The Quality Log entries are complete
  • The appropriate records have been put in the quality file
  • The products have been transferred to configuration management.

Any approvals defined as part of the Acceptance Criteria are checked to ensure they are in order.

The Configuration Item Record is updated to change the status to completed.

The completed, accepted product is now baselined (if this hasn’t already been done during CS2, as a result of information received from Executing a Work Package (MP2) when the product passed its quality review – this is more likely when a Work Package consists of multiple products).

Any subsequent changes to the product must pass through change control.
This would be an automatic part of any configuration management method being used.


The Project Manager is responsible for this sub-process, assisted by any appointed Project Support staff.

The team member or Team manager responsible for completion of the Work Package will provide information.

The Configuration Librarian will update Configuration Item Records as required.

Information needs
Management informationUsageExplanation
Work PackageApprovalApproval by the Project Manager that the Work Package is complete and acceptable.
Quality LogInputConfirmation of successful quality checks.
Configuration Item RecordsUpdateChange of product status.
Work Package statusOutputTo update the Stage Plan.

These are given in tabular form in the file ‘CS9 receiving completed work package.doc’ in the product package.

Key criteria

  • Are all individuals or teams whose work is to use or interface with the completed Work Package happy with the product(s)?
  • Are the sing-offs sufficiently independent of the creator(s)?

There is a close link between the management information requirements of this process and the technical requirements of any configuration management methods being used in receiving and recording completion data.

The configuration management method will also take charge of the product of the Work Package and be responsible for its storage – see configuration management.

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