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PRINCE2 - Managing Product Delivery (MP) part 1

Fundamental principles

This process allows a controlled break between the Project Manager and Team Manager, or between the Project Manager and product creation / provision by third-party suppliers. The process needs careful implementation to avoid being over bureaucratic.


This process interfaces with 'Controlling a Stage (CS)' and may use the Planning (PL) process to create Team Plans.
The third party may not be using PRINCE2®, so this is a statement of the required interface between the Team Manager and the PRINCE2 method being used in the project.

In project where there is only one team reporting directly to the Project Manager, the team member who is to do the work will agree details with the Project Manager. The principles of this process will still apply, but will be implemented much more informally.

Process description

The objectives are to allow Team Managers to:

  • Agree work with the Project Manager
  • Get it done
  • Hand it back to the Project Manager

This agreement to do a defined amount of work is parcelled into Work Packages.
When external suppliers are involved, the acceptance of Work Packages will be affected by the terms of their contract.

The Team Manager ensures that planned products are created and delivered by the team to the project by:

  • Accepting and checking authorised Work Packages from the Project Manager
  • Making certain that the work on products allocated t the team is effectively authorised and agreed
  • Ensuring that the work links to any interfaces identified in the Work Package
  • Creating or revising a Team Plan for the work
  • Ensuring that the work is done
  • Ensuring that work progresses, quality inspectors and forecasts are regularly assessed
  • Ensuring that completed products meet the specified quality criteria
  • Obtaining approval for the completed products


For small projects, or any with just one team reporting directly to the Project Manager, the link between this process and 'Controlling a Stage (CS)' will be much less formal.

The process can be summarised as:

  • Negotiate work to be done
  • Plan it
  • Oversee it being done
  • Keep track of progress
  • Report progress
  • Have products checked
  • Make a record of quality checks
  • Control changes
  • Get the product(s) approved
  • Return the completed Work Packages to the Project Manager
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