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PRINCE2 - Managing Product Delivery (MP) part 2

Accepting a Work Package (MP1)

Fundamental principles

The fundamental principle of this sub-process is that before a Work Package is allocated to the team, there should be agreement with the Project Manager on:

  • What is to be delivered
  • What constraints apply
  • Any interface to be recognised
  • Whether the requirements of the Work Package are reasonable and can be achieved


This sub-process is the management interface between the Team Manager and the Project Manager for the transfer to the team of work to be done.

The sub-process is the Team Manager’s counter to Authorising Work Package (CS1).
There will be many instances of the two sub-process during the project.

Process description

The Product Description for a Work Package is given in file ‘Work package.doc’ in the product package.

The team has to agree the Work Package with the Project Manager.

The steps for this are:

  • Make a clear agreement with the Project Manager on what is to be delivered
  • Negotiate with the Project Manager on behalf of the team the constraints within which the work is to be done
  • Agree tolerance margins for the Work Package
  • Understand the reporting requirements
  • Understand how and from whom approval for the products is to be obtained
  • Understand how the approved products are to be formally handed over
  • Confirm how the Project Manager is to be informed of completion of the Work Package
  • Produce or amend a Team Plan to show that the Work Package can be completed within the constraints.
  • The common Planning (PL) process will be used to modify or create Team Plans
  • Perform risk analysis, planning and resourcing
  • Make any necessary updates to the Quality Log, for example, extra reviewers identified in discussion with Project Assurance

The Work Package should contain Product Description(s) that describe the products(s) required, including the quality criteria. The Stage and Team Plans should indicate agreed constraints, such as time and effort.


The Team Manager is responsible for agreement with the Project Manager.

Project Assurance will want to confirm that suitable quality checking arrangements and personnel are included in any Team Plans.

Information needs
Management informationUsageExplanation
Work PackageInputPackage put together by the Project Manager in Authorising Work Package (CS1) for the Team Manager’s agreement. May be revised in coming to an agreement.
Team PlanOutput / UpdateA Team Plan is created or details of the Work Package are added to the team’s existing plan.
Risk LogUpdateThe Team Manager adds any risks identified in the Team Plan to the Risk Log.
Quality LogUpdateAdd any extra information on quality checks.
Authorised Work PackageOutputThe Work Package is agreed by the Team Manager.

These are given in tabular form in the file ‘CS9 receiving completed work package.doc’ in the product package.

Key criteria

  • Has there been full consultation on the Work Package between the Project Manager and Team Manager?
  • Is there a cost and time allowance for the quality checking work and any rework that may be required?
  • Are the reporting requirements reasonable?
  • Are any interfacing requirements achievable within the constraints?
  • Are any links to the project’s configuration management method clear and consistent with the way in which the products will be controlled in the team?
  • Has any required interface to Project Assurance been made clear and the interface with the team established?
  • Are any risks and the means of managing them identified?
  • What is the resource availability over the period covered by the Work Package?
  • What skills and experience are needed by the Work Package elements?
  • Dows the individual or group agree with the work allocated?
  • Is there adequate description of the quality required?
  • Are any standards and techniques to be used defined?

Where the project has no Team Managers and the Project Manager hands work directly to a team member, the individual can use this process informally. On small projects it may only be documented via the Daily Log.

This sub-process ‘matches’ Authorising Work Packages (CS1) and the two will be done together.

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