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PRINCE2 - Managing Product Delivery (MP) part 4

Delivering a Work Package (MP3)

Fundamental principles

Just as the Work Package was accepted from the Project Manager, notification of its completion must be returned to the Project Manager.


The configuration management system used by the project may handle the return of the actual products of the Work Package.
The essence of this sub-process is that the Team Manager must ensure that the products are handed over correctly and advise the Project Manager that the handover has occurred.

The sub-process may trigger Authorising Work Package (CS1) for the next Work Package or may overlap with it.

Process description

This sub-process has three elements:

  • Obtain acceptance for the products developed
  • Hand over the completed products
  • Advise the Project Manager of completion of the Work Package

The methods of achieving these elements should have been defined as part of Work Package authorisation.

The acceptance should come from two sources:
  1. The person or group identified as the recipient
  2. The Configuration Librarian

Before advising the Project Manger of the completion, the Team Manager should check that the Quality Log entries are complete for the product(s).


The Team Manager is responsible for this sub-process liaising with the Configuration Librarian.

Information needs
Management informationUsageExplanation
Completed Work PackageInputDetails of the work agreed with the Project Manager updated with actual information.
Quality LogInputConfirmation of successful quality checks.
Work PackageOutputWork Package ready for approval by the Project Manager

These are given in tabular form in the file ‘MP3 delivering a work package.doc’ in the product package.

Key criteria

  • Has the identified recipient accepted the product(s)
  • Has handover been completed, including any configuration management aspects?
  • Are any agreed statistics available for the Project Manager to record in the Stage plan?
  • Did anything happen during execution of the Work Package that is worthy of addition to the Lessons Learned Report?

If the Work Package contains a number of products to be developed, they may be handed over to the project’s configuration management system as they are approved. This may imply a period of time before the Project Manager is notified that the whole Work Package has been completed.

The level of formality required will vary according to the project: formal when third parties are involved, informal when the Project Manager manages the work directly.

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