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PRINCE2 - The techniques


PRINCE2® specifically describes 3 techniques to help with project management and best practices.

Product-based planning

This focuses on the projects products and their quality.
This forms part of the Planning (PL) process and will lead to other techniques not specifically described in PRINCE2, such as network planning and the use of Gantt charts.

Change Control

This is paramount for good practice and good project management.
Without it failure will mostly likely be the result.
The PRINCE2 method can be integrated into existing systems or stand alone for those organisations that have not control at present.

Quality reviews

The PRINCE2 method is described for document based products but is equally applicable to other forms of products.
Like change control it will integrate with existing systems and other quality checking and testing techniques.
Quality reviews are highly recommended for maintaining good practice as it is a well-proven technique.

These techniques are explained in more detail in the following sections.

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Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 - 2005 edition
Managing successful Projects with PRINCE2 – 2009 edition
Directing Projects with PRINCE2.
The Complete Project Management package.

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