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PRINCE2 2009 - Plans part 11

The PRINCE2 approach

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Define and analyse the products

PRINCE2® uses a technique known as product-based planning to identify, define and analyse the plan’s products, as shown in the diagram.

Product-based planning is likely to be iterative.
In the case of Product Descriptions, this means that at first it may comprise simply a title and a statement of purpose.
Therefore, in the following note, ‘write’ (as in ‘write a Product Description’) should be interpreted as meaning ‘commence to write, and proceed to complete as fully as appropriate as soon as convenient’.

The format and presentation of the product breakdown structure and product flow diagram is determined by personal preference.
For examples see the folder ‘Product-based planning example’ in the product package.

The benefits of product-based planning include:

  • Clearly and consistently identifying and documenting the plan’s products and the interdependencies between them. This reduces the risk of important scope aspects being neglected or overlooked
  • Removing any ambiguity over expectations
  • Involving users in specifying the product requirements, thus increasing buy-in and reducing approval disputes
  • Improving communication: the product breakdown structure and product flow diagram provide simple and powerful means of sharing and discussing options for the scope and approach to be adopted for the project
  • Clarifying the scope boundary: defining products that are in and out of the scope for the plan and providing a foundation for change control, thus avoiding uncontrolled change or ‘scope creep’
  • Identifying products that are external to the plan’s scope but are necessary for it to proceed, and allocating them to other projects or organizations
  • Preparing the way for the production of Work Packages for suppliers
  • Gaining a clear agreement on production, review and approval responsibilities

The numbering system for the sections shown in the diagram is that used formally by PRINCE2.
The complete list of contents, with the PRINCE2 numbering system is shown in the file ‘contents.doc’ in the ‘contents list’ folder as part of the product package.
These are covered in the next sections.

PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries.

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