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PRINCE2® 2009 - Change part 5

Change defined

Types of issue

Issues may be raised at any time during the project, by anyone with an interest in the project or its outcome.
Below provides a summary of the different types of issue that need to be dealt with during a project.

TypeRequest for change
DefinitionA proposal for a change to a baseline.
ExampleThe Senior User would like to increase the capacity of a product from 100 to 150 users.
DefinitionSomething that should be provided by the project, but currently is not (or is forecast not to be) provided.
This might be a missing product or a product not meeting its specification.
ExampleAdvice from a supplier that they can no longer deliver one of the products specified by the customer.
DefinitionAny other issue that the Project Manager needs to resolve or escalate.
ExampleAdvice from a Team Manager that a team member has been taken ill and as a result the target end date for a Work Package will slip by a week. Notification that one of the suppliers has gone bankrupt, resulting in the need to identify and engage a new supplier.

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