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PRINCE2 2009 - Change part 16

The PRINCE2® approach

Issue and change control procedure


The next step is to examine the issue by undertaking an impact analysis.
The Project Manager needs to consider whether it is worthwhile doing a detailed impact analysis as the duration and effort required to undertake one may itself cause a deviation from the plan.

The impact analysis should consider the impact the issue has (or will have) on:

  • The project performance targets in terms of time, cost, quality and scope
  • The project Business Case, especially in terms of the impact on benefits
  • The project risk profile, i.e. the impact on the overall risk exposure of the project

If the project is part of a programme, the impact of the change on the programme as a whole should be considered.
There may also be effects on other projects that are not necessarily part of the programme.

Examining the impact of issues can be wrongly taken to mean only the impact on the customer.
Impact analysis must cover the three areas of business, user and supplier – for example, the supplier’s cost and effort required to implement a change and what products would have to be changed.
Having undertaken the impact analysis, the severity or priority should be re-evaluated.

The Issue Register and Issue Report should be updated to include the above information and the person who raised the issue and the person who created the Issue Report (if different) should be kept appraised of its status.

It may be necessary to request advice from the Project Board to check their understanding of the issue’s priority or severity before proposing resolutions.

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