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We try to provide simple to understand management training packages.

They provide a good basis covering key techniques.

We have included full examples and definitions where appropriate.

All products can be downloaded for instant access.

Our aim is to provide some of the tools for management success.

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owl imageComplete Project Management plus PRINCE2
This product contains full coverage of PRINCE2® 2005, PRINCE2 2009 and Directing Projects with PRINCE2. This includes all relevant diagrams and supporting information included in appendices and other documents. It also contains The Complete Project Management (non PRINCE2) (see below) containing information on many aspects either not specifically covered under PRINCE2 or covered in more detail.
owl imageComplete Project Management (non PRINCE2)
This product contains many items either not specifically covered in The Complete Project Management plus PRINCE2 (see above) or covers many other aspects in more detail, for example, mission statements, objectives, milestones, plans and manual methods and much more.
owl imageComplete Leadership
Many believe ‘leaders are born and not made’. Birth traits may provide a head start but many traits can be acquired. The first step is to recognise the required traits. The second step is to truly evaluate your own positives and negatives. The final step is to modify your own behaviour and implement what you learn.
owl imageComplete Motivation
Motivation means a knowledge of behaviour and that means people. This product covers performance management, empowerment, relations and needs, integrity and trust, consequences, positive and negative reinforcement, measurement, feedback, goals, rewards, appraisals, creativity and labelling, communication, coaching and mentoring, teamwork and self motivation, insight, intuition, foresight, inspiration and influence and more.
owl imageComplete Risk Management
Anything that can affect the performance of the product would constitute a risk. Risk management tries to cover the identification and management of risk. It provides many examples that are fully explained in order to shed light on the subject.
owl imageComplete Time Management
Time management is becoming ever more important. It covers the work environment and home life. Trying to get all the things done we need to can be very stressful. This package tries to aleviate that burden. It covers many areas that address time management.

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