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PRINCE2 2009 - Principles part 8

Tailor to suit the project environment

PRINCE2® is tailored to suit the project’s environment, size, complexity, importance, capability and risk.

The value of PRINCE2 is that it is a universal project management method that can be applied regardless of project type, organization, geography or culture. It can be used by any project because the method is designed to be tailored to its specific needs.

If PRINCE2 is not tailored, it is unlikely that the project management effort and approach are appropriate for the needs of the project.
This can lead to ‘robotic’ project management at one extreme (the method is followed without question) or ‘heroic’ project management at the other extreme (the method is not followed at all).

The purpose of tailoring is to:

  • Ensure the project management method relates to the project’s environment (e.g. aligning the method to the business processes that may govern and support the project, such as human resources, finance and procurement)
  • Ensure that project controls are based on the project’s scale, complexity, importance, capability and risk (e.g. the reporting and reviewing frequency and formality).

Tailoring requires the Project Manager and the Project Board to make an active decision on how the method will be applied, for which guidance is provided.
When tailoring PRINCE2, it is important to remember that it requires information (not necessarily documents) and decisions (not necessarily meetings).

To ensure that all those people involved with the project understand how PRINCE2 is to be used, the Project Initiation Documentation should state how the method is being tailored for that particular project.

PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries.

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