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PRINCE2 - Introduction part 2

PRINCE2 structure

PRINCE2 is structured around 4 key areas:

  • Introduction

This indicates the way PRINCE2® covers the basic principles of project management.
It also shows how it fits in with the topic of programme management.

4 key areas4 key areas large
  • Processes

The processes indicate how a project can be managed using the basic principles

  • Components

PRINCE2 describes and explains the key elements of project management, for example, organisation and control.
It will also include quality management and risk.

  • Techniques

Some basic project management techniques that are specific to PRINCE2 are explained.

A knowledge of PRINCE2 will benefit not only managers and others directly involved with the project but will also help senior managers, project auditors, quality assurance personnel and line managers for example.


PRINCE2 regularly refers to a number of key terms.
It is good to know what these will mean.

Business Case

The set up, continuation and termination of a project must be justified on business grounds.
This Business Case can be reviewed at key intervals in the project.


This is the who commissions the work and pays for it.
They may not be the final end user.
They are may also be called the Client or the Project Sponsor.


(see PRINCE2 folder ‘product descriptions’ in the product package)

This covers anything that the project will produce or change whatever forms this may take.
This can cover a wide area. For example, buildings, culture change, public perception, and other items such as reports.


This is a combination of projects that together produce a benefit to the organisation.


[see PRINCE2 folder ‘project management team roles’ in the product package]

They provide specialist resource and skills, goods or services towards producing the desired project outcome for the customer or user.


[see PRINCE2 folder ‘project management team roles’ in the product package]

This is the person who will actually use or operate the final product.

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Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 - 2005 edition
Managing successful Projects with PRINCE2 – 2009 edition
Directing Projects with PRINCE2.
The Complete Project Management package.

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