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PRINCE2 - Starting up a Project (SU) part 4

Appointing a Project Management Team (SU3)

Fundamental principles

Every individual involved in the project must understand:

  • Who is accountable to whom for what
  • Who is responsible for what
  • What the reporting and communication lines are
  • There must be agreement and acceptance by everyone of their roles and responsibilities.
  • There should be no gaps in responsibilities once the roles have been tailored; someone should be clearly responsible for each given management aspect


Having designed the project management team it will need discussion and agreement with the individuals identified.

Process description

The objectives are:

  • Appoint people to:
    • The Project Board
    • Project Assurance (where appropriate)
    • Project Support (where appropriate)
    • Team management
  • Ensure that each individual understands their roles and responsibilities in the management and support of the project
  • Ensure that the individuals are actively committed to carrying out their roles and responsibilities
  • Confirm the reporting and communication lines, and include in management information as this will impact on the Communication Plan

These objectives are met by consultation and discussion and if necessary with line management.

Appointed individuals should sign their job descriptions and a keep a copy with another going to the Project Manager.

As with others, the Project Manager should check the availability of Project Assurance and support personnel for the period of the project.


The Executive is responsible for the appointments with the assistance and advice of the Project Manager.
This will involve the Executive liaising with programme management.

Information needs
Management informationUsageExplanation
Project management team structureInputIdentification of the planned allocation of roles, amended if necessary
Draft job descriptionsInputAppointed and confirmed project management team
Agreed job descriptionsOutputRoles tailored to the project and the individual

These are given in tabular form in the file ‘appointing a project management team.doc’ in the product package.

Key criteria

  • Did the final agreement on job descriptions cause any transfer or change of responsibilities that has an impact on another job?
  • Have all appointees understood and accepted the responsibilities of their role as described in the job description?
  • Have the appointees the appropriate skills for the job? Have they received appropriate training to fulfil their roles? Have they sufficient time to fulfil their roles?

How will some of the support processes be handled, for example, Project Issue management.
Check if the customer or supplier may already have a Project Support Office which may be a source of Project Support.
How will the project interface with programme support should it exist?

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