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PRINCE2 2009 - Tailoring PRINCE2 part 1

Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment

What is tailoring?

PRINCE2® can be used whatever the project scale, complexity, geography or culture, or whether it is part of a programme or is being managed as a ‘stand-alone’ project. Indeed, it is a principle that a PRINCE2 project tailors the method to suit such contexts.

Tailoring refers to the appropriate use of PRINCE2 on any given project, ensuring that there is the correct amount of planning, control, governance and use of the processes and themes, whereas the adoption of PRINCE2 across an organization is known as embedding.

Below sets out the difference between embedding and tailoring.


Done by the organization to adopt PRINCE2.

Focus on:

  • Process responsibilities
  • Scaling rules/guidance (e.g. score card)
  • Standards (templates, definitions)
  • Training and development
  • Integration with business processes
  • Tools
  • Process assurance

Guidance in PRINCE2 Maturity Model.


Done by the project management team to adapt the method to the context of a specific project.

Focus on:

  • Adapting the themes (through the strategies and controls)
  • Incorporating specific terms/language
  • Revising the Product Descriptions for the management products
  • Revising the role descriptions for the PRINCE2 project roles
  • Adjusting the processes to match the above

Guidance in this website.

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