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PRINCE2 2009 - Change part 15

The PRINCE2® approach

Issue and change control procedure


The first step in the procedure is to undertake an initial analysis to determine the type of issue that has been raised and whether it can be managed informally or formally.

The Project Manager is likely to receive many issues that can be handled without having to treat them formally, particularly if the issue can be immediately resolved - for example, a team member raising an issue that their site access pass is about to expire.
In such cases, the Project Manager should decide on the best course of corrective action.

The purpose of distinguishing between those issues that can be managed informally and those that need to be managed formally is to:

  • Ensure decisions are made at an appropriate level within the project management team
  • Avoid the Project Board being inundated with too many issues and therefore diluting the time it has available to deal with the key issues affecting the project
  • Reduce the administrative burden on the Project Manager when dealing with the day-to-day issues that may arise.

Issues being managed formally should be entered in the Issue Register and given a unique identifier.
An Issue Report should be created to capture what is already known about the issue.
It is often useful to ask the person who raised the issue to create the initial Issue Report.

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