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PRINCE2 2009 - Change part 17

The PRINCE2® approach

Issue and change control procedure

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Having gained a full understanding of the impact of the issue, the next step is to consider alternative options for responding to it and proposing a course of action to take.

Consideration should be given as to the effect each of the options will have on the project’s time, cost, quality, scope, benefit and risk performance targets. There must be a balance between the advantage to be gained by implementing the option, and the time, cost and risk of implementing it, as shown in the diagram.

The risk considerations should include both project risks (i.e. of not completing within tolerances) and operational risks (e.g. potential performance issues once the project’s products are in use).

If any of the proposed options would take the stage or project beyond any tolerances, consider preparing an Exception Report for that option to accompany the Issue Report.

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